Monthly Mineral Chronicles Vol 5 No 2

Welcome to volume 5 issue 2 of Monthly Mineral Chronicles. This is a publication pulled together by a mineral collector for mineral collectors.

This month, in this 81 page full-colour issue we have the following articles:

  • Minerals and Elements: Helium. – The next in the series on elements and minerals.
  • A Location Named China Camp near Wickenburg Arizona – Rolf tells us about a find of minerals left behind by some unknown prospector or other person, and his attempts at identifying where they originally came from.
  • Mineral Snippet Gmelinite – James tells us everything we need to know about the zeolite, gmelinite.
  • Illustrated Minerals of Australia Volume 1, Part 12 – Cerussite to Cervelleite. The next installment of a significant undertaking documenting the 1,500 or so mineral species recorded in Australia.
  • Riverland Gem and Mineral Show, Loxton, South Australia – Practically no shows for two years. This one was a welcome return, and conducted in a safe way. Hopefully more to come!

Again this month, for many of the excellent images, is the ability to click on the image to bring up a larger version. Not only do you get a bigger version, but in some cases, the image you see published may be a cropped version.

This issue is now available at Kofi.

If you are a subscriber, and you haven’t received a link, please let me know.

I hope you continue to enjoy the journey.

Steve Sorrell