Monthly Mineral Chronicles Vol 5 No 11

Welcome to volume 5 issue 11 of Monthly Mineral Chronicles. This is a publication pulled together by a mineral collector for mineral collectors.

This month, in this 91 page full-colour issue we have the following articles:

  • Southwest Mine, Bisbee Arizona. This month, Rolf takes us to an old historic mine very close to the township of Bisbee, Arizona.
  • Minerals and Elements: Magnesium. The next in the series on elements and minerals. This month, we look at magnesium.
  • Illustrated Minerals of Australia Volume 2, Part 2 – Digenite to Dolomite. The next installment of a significant undertaking documenting the 1,500 or so mineral species recorded in Australia.
  • Mineral Snippet – Minrecordite
  • Australasian Regional News. A few show reports and the Australasian Mineralogical Societies Seminar.
  • Locality Snippet – Akatore Creek, Dunedin, New Zealand. This month, we look at a manganese deposit at the southern end of the South Island of New Zealand.

Again this month, for many of the excellent images, is the ability to click on the image to bring up a larger version. Not only do you get a bigger version, but in some cases, the image you see published may be a cropped version.

This issue is now available at Kofi.

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I hope you continue to enjoy the journey.

Steve Sorrell